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Oral surgery, Crown and bridgework, Orthodontic treatment, Teeth whitening, Cosmetic dentistry smile redesigning, Administration, Marketing dental services to potential clients.


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Anxiety Management

Due to fear of visiting a dentist, many people let their oral health suffer. It is vital to visit a Dentist at-least twice a year to ensure proper dental health and avoid any unwanted complication(s).

Visiting a dentist regularly enables the doctor to take countermeasures before the problem becomes painful, irreversible and/or expensive. We at AJAY DENTAL CLINIC, employ all latest techniques and methods to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

Some of the measures we take to have a great patient experience are:-.

The purpose of AJAY DENTAL CLINIC is to increase the clinical skills, basic scientific knowledge, financial productivity, practice enjoyment, and self-esteem of all participants by providing high quality, pragmatic, ethical, evidence-based, affordable, patient-centered continuing education for all areas of the dental profession